10,000 AV Nerdz Rise Up on
the NFT scene!

This collection will donate part of the first round proceeds to Education in the AV Industry.

A community wallet will be set up for secondaries and will be used for further advancements of Education and Certification.

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What is the
AV Nerdz project?

AV Nerdz is a custom NFT Collection the is aimed to benefit AV Educational and Advanced Learning. Each sale of an AV Nerdz will fund an Educational Passport that will allow the recipients to use them for various AV Educational offerings. Our discord membership will vote on how the funds will be used.

There will allow be a contribution to an AV Educational Community Wallet from the secondary sales of each AV Nerdz. From this fund, we will be working with the industry to help further advancement of the educational tracks.

AV Nerdz 28
AV Nerdz 27
AV Nerdz 26
AV Nerdz 24
AV Nerdz 23
AV Nerdz 22
AV Nerdz 21
AV Nerdz 20
AV Nerdz 19
AV Nerdz 18
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AV Nerdz 16
AV Nerdz 15
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AV Nerdz 11
AV Nerdz 10
AV Nerdz 9
AV Nerdz 8
AV Nerdz 7
AV Nerdz 6
AV Nerdz 5
AV Nerdz 4


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take AV Nerdz. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

1. Launch

The 10,000 Random NFT Drop will start in the Fall of 2022 as a Pre-Sale Event. Join our discord for getting the information as we approach that date!

2. Community Giveaway

A special AV Nerdz will be created for a Community Giveaway. This NFT will have some features not available on any of the other Random NFT designs.

3. Merchandise Drop

AV Nerdz T-Shirts, Hoodies, Coozies and other merchandise will be available on Amazon POD services on our (I-Create) online store.

4. Educational Initiative

Our discord membership shall vote on how the educational funds will be distributed. they can be in the form of scholarships, grants, sponsorships, etc to benefit the education in AV.

5. Future Drops

Our future plans include AV Nerdz Trading Cards which will also accompany a battle game that will use the cards and additional components that will be revealed after the completion of the first Drop.


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 120+ unique traits across different categories. In the Rarity classification, we have a few rare components that will only appear on so many NFT's. Below is a sample list of special rare components and the percentage of appearance.

Ear Style

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Meet The Team

The Artistic Nerd
Artistic, Colorful and Energenic.
Passionate in all creations and possibilities of art.
The Bald Programming Nerd.
The Master of Ones and Zeros.
Probably lives on the Blockchain.
The social media butterfly.
The number cruncher.
The overseer of expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the mint date?
What's an NFT?
Why AV Nerdz?
What exactly will I get?

Get your
Unique and Rare
AV Nerdz NFT soon!

There are only 200 Unique and Rare NFTs that are available outside of the 10,000 Randomly Generated Avatars. These will be available soon for direct purchase. Each one of these rare NFT's have elements that are not available on the random ones. Get yours before they are gone!

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How would you like a custom NFT made specifically for you based on your specifications? We can do that! Contact us through our discord link below and we can help create a awesome individual NFT just for you!